Red Zone and Aussie Military

Greetings to All,

For a while now, the majority of my teaching has been focused with the Australian Military. Both their regular and Special Forces.

Although there is a policy of "secrecy" about what is taught, I just want to give credit where it's due.

Part of what I now teach to these guys is Jerry Wetzel's "Red Zone". I do have "variations" to his original method, but the core concept and strategy remains true to Jerry's creation.

I just want to thank Jerry for allowing me to "steal" his ideas.........and be assured, that your name is KNOWN in the Aussie military circles.

The Red Zone method is EASY to teach, and more importantly, the "exponents" are able to grasp a WORKING knowledge of it immediately.......

More than once I have had to PROVE to doubting students that the damn thing actually works.....only to have loyal converts as a result

Thanks again Jerry.

Ray can you explain a little bit about the Red Zone?

The best thing to do is to get the Video/DVD at

But basically, it is an "approach" to dealing with knife attacks when unarmed.

My personally favourite is "Red Zone II" where Jerry explains the "Dive and Drive".

As the assailant goes for a stab you "dive" straight through the "gap" between his knife arm and rib cage; it allows a simultaneous deflection and "capture" of his knife arm...........of course then, there are various follow ups.

This ONE technique to me, was worth the price of the DVD.

I have "customised" the follow up to suit my personality and ability so it's a bit different to Jerry's, but that's what this is all about.

"""it's a bit different to Jerry's, but that's what
this is all about."""

Well, in the US you do the hockey pokey and you turn
yourself around and "that's what it's all about"...


This is one of my special posts...

Yeah........BUT have to put the left foot in, then the left foot out...... do the hockey pokey.....


PS...I forgot to mention that you "shake it all about"

Hi Ray,

Is your current preferred follow up the one you taught to the guys on the last MSD course?

(BTW - had a go at Trav for beating up pensioners. LOL)



Are there a lot of differences between the Red Zone approach and Karl Tanswell's STAB?

I'd like to say thanks to Ray for taking the time to post his experiences and for the kind things he's said about my program.

More importantly, I'd like to thank him for being one of the only FMA instructors I've met who believes in constantly evolving instead of trying to crystalize and idealize his art due to ego. It is this quality, perhaps above all others, that puts his approach so far ahead of his contemporaries.

Or it could be his rugged good looks:)


TTT for Mr Floro, I know someone who has trained with you and he speaks very highly of your teaching. Hopefully when I return to Oz I'll continue my journey in weapons training and maybe have a chance to learn from you one day.

Respectfully ODM.

Hi Tim,

The answer is YES


Would be a pleasure to get together with you.......oh........and just call me Ray