Red Zonr Inst. Course update

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ttt for Jerry.

Hi Guys,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm going to have to reschedule the Red Zone Instructor Course. The new date will be June 3rd and 4th. Refunds will be given to those who can not make the adjustment.

On a brighter note:

For those of you who were procrastinating, NOW is your chance to seize the opprortunity to get some fantastic training and become one of few Red Zone instructors IN THE WORLD. . As an added bonus, anyone attending the Red Zone Instructor course is welcome to train at
Centerline Gym for the week for FREE! This is an incredible chance to train with some great coaches like Machado Black Belt Chris Haueter, and Danny Suarez!

Spots are limited, so don't miss this chance to do something to advance your training, but more importantly, to learn a program that will help keep yourself safe as well as your students.

Please contact me asap.

Stay safe,