Rednose gi's.....

ive ran into this website..they say there gi's are $59.99 for there gi's. and there t'shirts are $5.99. anyone have one of these gi's. if so do you recommend them..

Yup I have 3 now, the older ones are thicker but the newer one is still perfectly good, I like the seamless back and relatively long close fit. Fast shipping and nice stitching too.

with all the research they are the cheapest so far. Koral $130, Mkimonos $100, Atama $100, HCk $80, Rednose $59.00. so i will order one of these..

you're mistaken

$39.96 for single weave BJJ Tapes (Padilla & Sons) gi

how is the bjjtapes GI quality?

yah how is the quality KDTA. 39.96 sigle weave is good. i also ran into an Adidas gi for around $59.99 single weave.

BJJ Tapes Gi thread

yeah but that thread still doesnt say Jackchit about the quality .

wow i order that gi from bjjtapes. and it is awesome good quality. nice lapel. should hold up fine. but i ordered my kinda big ..thats ok.. awesome gi, bjjtapes.

39.99! I just ordered one! Kinda iffy about the sizing though.

your supposed to wear cloths when You roll??? my bad

I've been killing my Red Nose for over a year now and it has been one of the best gi investments I've ever made.

I have a Rednose Gi and is is a decent single-weave and was a good price. Also worth considering at this price range are the single-weave HCK and Atama gis at about $50.00 each.