reduce trigger points and sorness

Hello All,
I like to share something that many people know but some

people may not. The concept is self myofascial release.

It's a fancy word for self massage. It was a concept

I brought to Sityodtong 3 years ago. All of us train

everyday, some multiple times a day. Unfortunately we all end up with trigger points, which can lead to

overuse injuries. We all know how expense massage therapy can cost. This is a way of decreasing

soreness, tightness, and increasing blood flow. There is an excellent article on

type in foam rolling training articles and you"ll find it.

The equipment is fairly simple and inexpensive. Full round bio foam roller, small rubberized med ball, or fitball therapy balls.

I perfer a combo of foam rolling and med ball rolling.

Kenny likes fit balls and foam roller. KruMark foam roller med ball. I actaully sent him a roller and med ball.
for the Ult fighter show last year. Jorge found out about it and cut it in half for himself. ( I had trained him for 4 weeks prior to the show)

I can't tell you how many times it has kept me in the game and kept clients from seeing the orthopedic.

In the beginning it is evil it doesn't feel great till you stop. You will feel better and be hooked after. Best Dr Evil.