Reem: Id like to fight Fedor in Moscow or Chechnya

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The famous heavyweight UFC, former training partner of Fedor Dutchman Alistair Overeem in an exclusive interview with Ilya Buyaevu spoke about his attitude to return to the sport Last Emperor.
- What was the reaction to the news of the return of Fedor, did not you hear it a surprise to you?
- What can I say about the return of Fedor? For me, this news came as a surprise. He was very surprised to hear it. But at the same time, I am very excited by the news data. Still, in my opinion, it can be considered the best heavyweight of all time. I am pleased that he has decided to return. Though, again, I was very surprised to hear of the decision Theodore. Also, as in the moment when he announced his retirement from the sport. Still, he was not so much age fighter.
- Many say that after two years of inactivity in adulthood have to return later. What is your opinion in this regard?
- Firstly, I do not think that in the career of Theodore was a lot of heavy injuries. This does not prevent his return. With regard to age, he is 38 years old, I - 35. If you call the "old man" of his, then I can be in the same category include. Of course, he has a lot of training and work, to put himself in the best condition, because now everyone wants to beat Fedor. When I look at the men of the old school, in addition to inspiration notice that many of the elements of their arsenal is still used in modern MMA. So, definitely, Fedor have something to counter their opponents. But again, he will have to work very hard, as many men will hunt him down.
- Do you think that Fedor got to go to train in the US camp? This is indicated by many Russian experts and fans ...
- No, I do not agree with this view. Besides, I think Fedor will be more comfortable to train in Russia. Yes, I've been training in America. But Fedorov - is another matter. As far as I can judge from the experience of personal contact with him, he does not like too much attention to itself, without which it would cost in the United States. Fedor like when nothing prevents him to concentrate on work.
- I will not ask you about wanting to fight with Fedor, because there are still too many uncertainties. But I would like you to fight in Russia, for example, if you hold a UFC event in our country - in Moscow, Grozny, Dagestan?
- Yeah why not? Like Russia, like the Russians, their mentality. In my career were two fights in your country and I liked it. I can also say that he always liked to fight the Russians, because your soldiers are very respectful and humble guy. So yes, I'd like to fight again in the tournament in Russia - in Moscow, Grozny and other cities.