Ref for Sak/Akiyama....

Did this moron get any cracks for his imcompetence??? Or did the payoff come from the higher ups?

seriously he was docked half his pay

half?! That all? The guy was a crook. Knew exactly what Sak was talking about and still checked his friggin back.

he was wined and dined a few days before the event by the K1 higher ups.

LOL at Sak trying to call time out so the ref could check. Then the ref checks Akiyama's back post fight and says it's good. Hope he also gets a suspension for his crappy reffing.

He's the "Man of the Year". A man of integrity who called the fight fairly. Not quick to give into nonsense complaints from a fading fighter who bagged out on Takada.

so thats the reason you don't like saku wild celtic... because he left takada?

Takada is a peice of work himself.

Takada is a POS.