Ref suspended for screwing Denver.

Official reportedly suspended for callNBA yet to confirm action, but union in fighting moodBy Aaron J. Lopez, Rocky Mountain NewsFebruary 27, 2004A errant call might have cost the Denver Nuggets one game in the standings. It could cost the offending referee three games on the court.According to the union that represents NBA officials, referee Michael Henderson was suspended for three games Thursday after the league acknowledged he blew a crucial call in Denver's 112-111 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday

This just sucks for Denver. I think this punishment is weak.

your thoughts?

Yes this certainly sucks for Denver. I don't have a too much of a problem with a ref making an honest mistake and or missing calls inb the middle of the action. Its the refs that hold grudges and call fouls and T'2 just to esculate the problems with players, that is what needs to be checked more than refs making honest mistakes

It's a little strange that out of all the blown calls and missed calls this season that this particular one is such a big deal.

GamePitBull: I *think* you are taling about Steve Javy.

stupid move on the leagues part, the guy made an honest mistake, their job is tough enough as it is

your right. The NBA should just slap him on his wrist and move on. The League should not hold the officials accountable for their actions.

I think it's kind of harsh, because the mistake was honest in this case, and they called a jump ball when they found out the whistle was wrong, which apparently is the right procedure.

Refs should get that kind of discipline for calling unneccesary technicals. Though I guess the league is trying to "send a message" that they're holding refs accountable.

I think a change in procedure for that type of situation would be a good thing. Since Melo got the rebound it would have been cool if the refs just made the Nuggets inbound it after realizing that they had indeed made a mistake.

The refs are way out of hand in the NBA but this is a simple miss that any offical could miss. Like many have said it was an honest mistake, if you are going to suspend a ref for 3 games for this its only to make things worse. By doing this refs will then suck in there whistle or call every fucking thing.

IU hate the refs in the NBA but this was wrong and I think unfair to the ref

I think it was an honest mistake, but the refs seem content on their calls. This fine should strike some emotion into doing their job well. I think the refs will treat their job with more respect now.

If doctors make a mistake they get sued and the only people protecting him are his malpractice lawyers. He loses days out of his office. A ref blows it big time and the union wants to protect his ass. Sounds like doctors need a union.

lol, I saw on SC that the refs in the Cavs Magic game had their shirts inside out with Henderson's number on the back. lol

The refs at the memphis VS Golden State was worse...5 technicals, 3 in 20 seconds..Its the second time this year that the grizz loss because of BS calls....They booted a 70 yr old man, where is the respect.

LMAO!!! Fuck, espn needs to have an nba program on every fuckin day of the nba season!! This sportscenter shit ain't givin enough time to nba. I'd have loved to see that technical frenzy!! lol

That was fucking hilarious. Nobody on Memphis said shit and the ref just went off.