Referee Keith “No Nonsense” Peterson is PUNK as F*CK

I seem to recall him reffing a bit after his release, but then he left again. Wasn’t he involved with a legal cannabis company?
Or am I just imagining shit?

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What Are You Watching Joe Rogan GIF by UFC

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Sure, that was Josh’s worst fuck up. I mean, none of them are perfect. Maybe the doctors would disagree, but I bet 90% of fighters would rather have that stoppage, than a Herb Dean or Yves Levine stoppage.

He got out and did some reffing, but I don’t believe he ever returned to the upper levels of reffing, for a big show.


The NSAC don’t recognize his amnesty for cultivating ^^^^

He refs in California.

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Agree. Jason Herzog is right up there with him.


I seen his band a bunch of times 2 decades ago. This one was called Go Fuck Yourself. Keith would grab anything in site (a chair), do a 900 and let the fucker fly. Clearly, the band is horrible and I’m sure he’s embarrassed by it now. And I never knew him, never saw his band on purpose


So Mark Smith was a fighter pilot, BJM trained LAPD and helped write the rulebook on MMA, NNKP was a hardcore musician, Herzog has risen to the top as a gay man in a traditionally homophobic industry, Beltran has a stupid beard(okay, they can’t all be interesting)… Seems like the refs often have histories as or more interesting than a lot of the fighters who mostly seem to come from the same poverty/broken home background


What about UG favorites Kim Winslow and Cecil Peoples?

What were they, say you UG?


I like him because you don’t even know he is there and doesn’t intervene unless it is needed and he doesn’t try to attention whore like Big John and Dan always did during their fights.


That’s the sign of a great ref, you don’t notice them until absolutely necessary.
That Joe Cortez boxing ref would piss me off with his ," I’m fair but I’m firm" bullshit.
Shut up cunt and get on with the fight


There was a Kim Winslow running gif that was funny as fuck

I hated that creepy attention whore but it was interesting to read up on her history years ago. Of course I forgot everything I read, but recall it was interesting.


He was my personal favorite back in the day. I think he screwed up a few times but he was solid.


What if.

Behind closed doors.

Keith Peterson.

Was full of nonsense?


Careful, man. Do we really want to walk this path?

Do you really want to find out that Uriah Faber is not a kid?

That Trigg’s toes don’t really twinkle?

That Wanderlei never actually murdered any axes?

Don’t ask any questions that you don’t want to hear answered, or your most cherished illusions may be shattered.



I think I saw him at a couple GFCs at Saboba casino after. SUPER low level, regional fights and felt bad for him. Not sure what he’s doing now.


Yeah I mean you really have to have passion for the sport to be a ref

I don’t know how much they get paid but I doubt it’s much and whatever it is, it ain’t enough.