Referee Mistake in BlackBelt Fight

I would like to apologize to the fighters and the public about a refereeing mistake I did in the Black Belt fight between Marcelo Rezende and Anthony Perosh yesterday in the NSW BJJ Circuit competition at Bondi Beach.

Watching the tape of the fight after the event I realized that Marcelo passed Anthony's guard and kept the side-control position for more than 3 seconds(standard time to be awarded with 3 points by International BJJ Rules) and at the time I just gave Marcelo one advantage changing the final result of the fight that became 2x0 for Anthony instead of 3x2 for Marcelo.

The NSW BJJ FEDERATION will not and can not change the final result, but for beeing the referee of that fight and recognizing my mistake I just want to assume it in public and apologize once again.
Please note that was not the fighters fault and was a great fight from both. If you have any doubt about the 3 seconds after the guard passing watch the tape and count the time yourself starting when Marcelo gets Anthony's side.

Yours sincerely,

Paulo Guimaraes.


Reffing is a tough job, everyone makes mistakes. Classy post Paulo


hmmmm...classy post???

I wonder if Paulo would have posted a similar message if the roles were reversed (i.e. controversy over Anthony gettting more points, rather than his fellow Brazilian Marcelo)? Me thinks not! Oh well, such is life!

artefufkin, Why wouldn't he?

Now, I don't know either competitor, or the ref at all, nor am I a skilled BJJ player.

But I'm gonna offer an opinion.

It's obvioulsy a big deal that these 2 guys put it on the line, and, as one would expect, it was a close fight.

The ref has made it known he made a mistake, and if he hadn't the fight would have gone the other way, with a similarly close score.

Hardly seems like anything to get too stressed about.

Good work to both fighters, and I guess we won't have a clear winner until we see them finalize a best of 5 series !!



I disagree. Though Marcello got to the side, he never put Anthony on his back with control. This was one of the things discussed at the Referee course. Marcello got passed, never showed control and was put back into guard to be swept.


Have you guys had the advantage of viewing the video of the match?

does anybody have the ability to post photos on this forum, as we have a photo from yesterday's BJJ Black Belt match?????

Plaese supply email address to sent to you.

"I just gave Marcelo one advantage changing the final result of the fight that became 2x0 for Anthony instead of 3x2 for Marcelo. "

Incorrect. To assume the final score would have remained 3x2 until the end (if you had of scored the pass) is lame.

Send away.

i would really like to see Paulo fight. That would be a cool fight.

The great thing that I have observed over time is that the ref's decision rules and no hard feelings or grumbles, generally. I'm sure you did an exemplary job Paulo.

Bugger it... either way it sure was something to see.

TTT for Paulo showing some honesty and courtesy. I definately would not have wanted to be the ref for that match... Talk about pressure.

P.S. If anyone has seen the brazilian black belts at a tournament you can hardly say they let friendship get in the way of competition. If Paulo was biased in any way he would have simply awarded the points for the pass and Marcello may have won. He wasn't sure on the day, so he didn't award the points.

You fucking internet cowards should learn some respect for our Black Belts or you will learn it the hard way.

Full respect to Anthony, Marcello and Bruno for putting on a great fight.

To quote Don King, "I don't see the problem, let's get it on again!".

Last I remember the person being passed had to have both shoulders pinned to the ground, this point was stressed to me by several Black Belts. I know that I wasn't there and I haven't seen the footage, but looking at the photo posted this dosn't seem to be the case at all.

So what if you lost, won or whatever, anyway I think it is a little late to change your mind, don't you think? What happened on the day happened, deal with it.


smellabox is undeniably correct!

Just an interesting sidenote, as entertaining as Marcelo's entrance may have been, was it not declared to the crowd early on during the day that "all" competitors would have a 1 minute warning from having their name called to being on the mat to compete or else forfeit their match?

I'm sure we got through about 5 minutes of Brazilian beats while poor old Anthony was left alone on the mat waiting (and no doubt resisting the incredible urge to start dancing).