Refi help, any recommendations?

Looking to refi my house in California, anyone know of a broker or bank
with good rates?


do not reccomend that piece of shit service, it is a fucking scam and misrepresentation with good marketing

Email me

Ok, I will email you live..

I did the lendingtree thingy and so far looks disappointing...

I've heard nothing but horror stories. Lending tree basically gets mulitple brokers to bid on your loan. All they are is a lead generation tool.

If you do a loan through lending tree it will probably be done by some tool who is doing it for very little money and when it comes time to close I'm sure you'll have many problems.


i tried it once about 4 years ago.

got two very lame offers.

never went back.


I know what I am talking about in that regards, gald to help answer any questions.