Refilling a Heavy bag

I just got ssome gear out of storage and I have an old bag that has settled.What can i refill it with to give it more shape and more weight?Thanks

Driveway gravel! Toughen up those hands and shins! :)

Hey, Miller...long time, no chat.

Anyway, I would think you could go to any large hobby/craft store and get a bunch of fiber fill, and just pack it in there until you get the desired density. My wife did that with a GIANT "tv pillow" she made for our boys to lounge around on, and she was able to get her hands on enough of that filler stuff to OVER stuff the thing to the point of the "pillow" being an excellent candidate for a heavy bag. I see no reason why a person couldn't do it on purpose. :)

I need it to add weight to the bag as well as fill it though.This bag swings way too much for our liking even with someone trying to hold it

Dead babies. No seriously, I have heard people say old shredded up towels and sand, layered.

how about an uppercut bag?

Sand settles to the bottom in a rag mix over time, which makes for a really uneven consistancy from top to bottom. If you just prefer that kinda fill, turn the bag upside down and work it with a bat to even it out.

The best kind of fill I've found is shredded tire rubber. You can get the stuff for free from a tire retread shop. They have to shave tire rubber to shape the retreads. They have to pay to dispose of it, so they're happy to give it away.

You need a tough bag, cause the stuff's pretty heavy. The plus's are: free fill, good weight/little bag swing, settling not a problem and excellent shin conditioner.

How big is the old bag and how much do you want it
to weigh?

If you go to any Home Depot they have these big barrels that canvas funnels shoot all the sawdust from their cuts into. If you talk to the manager and provide your own strong garbage bags they will allow you to take the saw dust. The saw dust makes a great filler, pack it down, pound the bag, and refill it again.