refugees find it to cold, protest mars incoming

yes this is correct.

refugees complained that the camps they stay in the netherlands are to cold, food is not good enough etc. and they need to wait months for better housing etc.

normally to even do a protest mars you need to have the permisson of the goverment. well not if your a refugee.

strange because if your from a war you would think you would be happy with anything you get. not if your a refugee lol.

also it aint really cold in those tents as well. so it is the usual bullshit. now they want as a protest sleep on the streets lol. man i hope they do that and a blizzard comes here.

what do they expect next? that we change the sun for them lol

the ungrateful pricks.

for the people think i make this shit up. nope i aint.

add it through the google translator.