Regarding Joe Lauzon

I have been on this forum for years and I think it is really great to see Joe perform so well last weekend.

Being that he has been a regular poster on for so long, It feels really neat to see him beat Jens so easily.

Congrats Joe, it has been great having you post on here and I hope you continue to do so in the future.

Mike (The Angry Midget) Smith

Man I thought there would be some more ttt's on this thread.

Come on guys.






Classy interview after the fight, too.

I'm a new fan of Joe's.

Kind of makes me not feel so bad for posting here so much!


Thanks Mike, and everyone else. Its real weird when you think about it all... like 5 years ago I was wrestling in my living room not knowing what a triangle was.

Will you be at 64, joe?

When the hell are you going to quite your job? Someone who KO's jens
pulver needs to be a fulltime fighter.


heh heh. My brother and I were the guys putting Joe in the triangle and watching him try to just "tough out of it"...ah those were the days.