Regarding Pugilistic Dementia

1) Do the nerves repair themselves if you back off and rest, is the damage irreparable?

2) Do you have to worry about this in the amateurs?

#1 irreperable.

#2 yes, but it likely won't show up for a few years


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What is the Jerry Quarry Foundation?

Nevermind I found it on google. That's pretty sad. Do I have to worry about it as an amateur if I only fight a few fights??

I personnaly knew a guy who's father (in his late 50's) was a van driver. One day while pulling the van out of the car park, he blacked out and crashed. Fortunately he wasn't going fast and nobody was hurt.

Anyway, he went to the hospital to try and find out what was wrong. At first he was diagnosed as having had a VERY minor stroke. As a result he lost his job. He refused to accept this and demanded more/better scans at the hospital. They agreed, and the specialist performing them said he found scar tissue on his brain, as the rsult of damage he'd suffered about 25-30 years ago, and asked if he'd been knocked out in any accidents of any kind, all he could think of was that he'd had 3 boxing matches in the army, and was KO'd in the last one. The specialist immediately said "Yeah, that's it alright."

Scary stuff!

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Now you guys are scaring me. Shit I didn't know the brain COULD be that hypersensitive to injury...

lets be honest the brain is body's largest nerve
ending and it is VERY delicate. was never made to
handle blunt trauma repeadtly.