Reggie Miller's house

Hey all,

I was watching FSN's Beyond The Glory on Reggie. To this day, have they found the people involved with the arson of his house?

My speculation = his ex-wife had something to do with it. She didn't want to stay in Indiana. She wanted to move (to LA with Reggie) be an actress.

any news?

Good question!!

I was watching that too, i had forgotten about all the shit he went though in indiana.  I wouldnt even burn down kobe's house and I HATE kobe.

If you say so.

So no news?

I always thought it was his wife who paid someone to do it. Too coincidental. Reggie bought that house as a ploy to make his wife stay in Indiana.

And as I said above, his wife didn't want to stay in Indiana.

Was it like Andre Risen's house burning???