Reggie Warren Jr Instructional

Please do not use these techniques unless you intend to kill someone.


I liked the weapon technique... lol


Still very funny to me. Damn, Pastafarian is the first official hater of Reggie Warren on here. I'm assuming that the Garv and Reggie Jr. have completely different fan bases. I can't imagine that Reggie will ever have a lot of substance, that's why he's Reggie!

I hope the cameramane survived that strike.

I think Reggie is funny, I like the kid a lot. Sometimes I think he might be one of my bastard children. If his momma's hot, there's a pretty good chance.

The internet is big enough for everyone.

Now having said that. Pastafarian, your check is in the mail, bro! lol

That would be hilarious if The Garv turned out to be Reggie Warrens Dad! That could be a great episode!


OMG Does Reggie Warren understand the reprocussions of his actions? Teaching the top secret techniques of the Jump spinning ridgehand to the throat. This could mean that ninjas could be seeking him out to give him a Dim Mak to shut his pie hole, permanently. I hope that it was worth the risk, Reggie and God have mercy on your soul.