Regular pushups or Hindu pushups??

Which is better to develop the chest?

I posted a thread on here a couple of months ago about back bridging. I had been doing Matt Furey's Royal court and asked about back bridging. From the response I got I cut back bridging out of my work out and replaced it with crunches.

Now I do 125X3 Hindu Squats, 38, 36, 35 Hindu pushups and 25X 3 crunches. This workout takes me about 30 minutes which is what I want. I do this workout every other day and run every other day. I'm thinking of addiing regular pushups into my workout and maybe doing 2 sets of each exercise. Will that help me develop my chest more? Again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Why not both?


Varying the exercises will help a lot. I'd do both.

Doing pushups between 2 chairs is another good alternative for hitting the chest.

I like Dive Bombers.

thanks guys

do something for your back, so there's not an imbalance in the relative development of stomach vs. back.

Where did you get those rep numbers?


Hey Scrap, I basically started out since January doing the royal court of 75 Hindu Squats, 15 Hindu Pushups (since that was all I could do at the time) and back bridging which I changed to crunches. I increased my reps as I went to the point they are now. I do 3 sets of each because it makes my work out a half hour which works well for me. My workout has taken me this long for a few months now since my reps get faster and I take less time in between exercises since I've been getting in better shape.

Any feedback on how I can alter my workout for the better would be greatly appreciated.

Add pull ups.


Does it make more sense to do less reps/sets and more exercises in 30 min?