rehabbing rotator cuff

so i dont really know how i did it but my left shoulder is killing me. i can still do handstand pushups and dips but any twisting movement no matter how light is painful. classic rotator cuff syndrome.

anything other than just don't do anything with my left arm to help recover this nagging injury?

read a couple reviews for it and sounds like a good book and the general consensus seems to be a month-2 of good recovery time.

i'm just wondering tho, obviously i wont be doing any roll outs or progressions since those 2 seem to cause me the most pain and is probably how this happened. but would i aggrevate it with linear movements like chins, dips, pushups? i don't want to just sit and do nothing for 2 months so is just eliminating the exercises that cause the pain enough?

When I injured my cuff, I never stopped training completely... but that's obviously dependent upon how bad you’re injured, and how fast you want/need to be healed. I had to completely stop heavy benching and wide grip pulls, since those literally brought tears to my eyes.
Diesel Crew's got alot of great shoulder rehab videos up on YouTube. You should check them out. I still do this warm-up ( before every workout and my shoulder's been pain free for a long time. Good luck.

used to work in a physical therapy office (not a therapist myself though)
we would have our patients work out on the seated row machine and the inside grip pulldown machines. we would also have them do a bunch of band workouts to strengthen the cuff. they would do 3 sets of fifteen reps for everything. whatever you do you should go light weight, just enough to strengthen the muscle.

i don't do weights right now everything is BWE

should i just go by the addage of if it hurts dont do it and if it dont hurt then it's ok?

basically right now linear movements dont hurt, anything that requires and orbital movement of my arm feels like someone is driving an ice pick thru my shoulder

Best advice you're going to get is to not come onto an internet message board seeking medical advice.  Go see a doctor.

1armedScissor - Best advice you're going to get is to not come onto an internet message board seeking medical advice.  Go see a doctor.

i agree you should definitely see a professional first
but regardless when rehabbing an injury you should never work through pain, if it hurts decrease the weight and if it still hurts stop

See an ART certified chiropractor or sports physician. It works.

What about Swimming?

swimming is very painful right now. ive pretty much cut out all non linear movements and im pretty good and the pain is subsiding

Definitely see a doctor...especially one specializing in sports medicine. I've gone to my GP for help with joint problems in the past, and although I respect him a lot he really wasn't much help in this instance.

 I have a pdf on shoulder injuries, prevention and care I can send it to your email if you want.

I haven't looked at it yet,(I DL'd today)

Get it checked by a specialist first, preferably an orthopedic sports doc and/or PT that works with athletes. Make sure it's not a tear or something worse, and then you can move forward more confidently. A good osteopath or chiropractor that knows shoulders and athletes well might also work for you.

If it's not a tear or more serious situation, then a good massage therapist can work with the rotator cuff muscles to speed the recovery process. Most of the rotator cuff problems I see are due to one or several muscles remaining tight and short when not in use. Effective treatment may restore normal tone in 1-5 treatments, potentially enabling full recovery in 2-3 weeks (rather than months). Intelligent use of gentle strengthening and stretching is also important.

My own rotator cuff issues were largely corrected by practicing the mobility exercises from the "Intu-Flow" DVD (info on my site) and by incorporating Clubbell exercises (especially the Parry Cast and Shield Cast) into my routine.

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Jason Erickson