Reinhardt Sports LLC signs Mike Plotcheck

Mike Plotcheck has signed with our Sports Agency. Mike is best known for Knocking out the very tough and respected UFC Veteran Cabbage. Mike is 6'4 walks at 300lbs, but cuts to the 265pound limit. He's ready to go. contact me at sfcchamp135@aol, or call 217-433-1433 (tex) if your a promoter interested in booking this very exciting tough fighter. thank you, Jason Reinhardt

He's probly best known for his WWF days.

even so , i think its impressive how well he has performed given his age and likelly injuries

Not hating but I think we've gotten about 6 Reinhardt Sports press releases in the last 48 hours.  One of which said you hired your own wife.  Should we have a separate ReinhardtGROUND for those who care more?


I wasn't even going to mention his WWF days. Wow, I'm impressed. LOL. Mike is a GREAT competitor, hits like a mack truck, is very dedicated, and deserves to be in the BIG show. He is extremely marketible.

Actually, i spelled it wrong on purpose because this is how his name has been mis-spelled on the web sites. the correct spelling is Polchlopeck. if i would have spelled it correctly, you would not have been able to find anything. i am in the process of fixing this problem. We just signed him today. thanks


Madx, get use to it. Actually, because of the Underground and my posting, i was able to secure and book 11 fights for my guys since saturday. (and the numbers are climbing) So, i will continue to conduct my business and company on how i feel will best suit our fighters. If you don't like it, don't click on the thread. it's pretty simple.

travenbjj, thank you though, for noticing and bringing this to my attention. My ADD kicks in right about this time of day, and it's possible i could have made that mistake. LOL

fought on same pride bushido card as mike bigger then hell but the coolest guy you would want to meet very tough charactor watch him and minowa brawl ringside very intense match!jason tell mike i said hey