reinstate jon mccaffrey

as a reporter and ardent follower of the local new york/new jersey MMA scene, i feel that veteran MMA competitor jon mccaffrey (aka 'bobcarson') should be allowed to compete again.

as many know, jon mccaffrey was banned by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board based upon his performance against Jordan Pergola at Ring of Combat 6 on 4/24/04. in that bout, mccaffrey was overwhelmed by punches, crumpled and tapped out at just 13 seconds of the first round. judging from mccaffrey's record, this stellar performance was obviously a fluke.

at BAMA FightNight 16, mccaffrey managed to go the distance with grappling stud Anthony Argyos, losing a decision when the time ran out. mccaffrey also went the distance against jiu-jitsu brown belt Francisco Villabos at FightNight 14 (losing a decision) and again went the distance against corry forer at FightNight 12 (once more losing via decision). come on, mccaffrey can bang!

yes, there was the loss to seasoned warrior Jose Rodriguez via neck crank at 3:43 (FightNight 13). and yes, he was submitted at FightNight 15 with an armbar from the more-experienced Tom Larrison (this one at 6:37). but in my opinion, these aren't the best examples of mccaffrey's ability. in my opinion, the best is yet to come.

the New Jersey Athletic Control Board can bandy the phrase 'we're concerned for fighter safety' about all the want. yet they're doing the MMA community a disservice by not allowing mccaffrey to get into the ring. the fans love action - and 'action' is mccaffrey's middle name!

some may find 'bobcarson' to be annoying. or abrasive. or overly-critical. or 'a total freakin' nutjob'. but the fact remains: he belongs in the ring, throwing down with the best of them. and if he ever gets in trouble? fear not, New Jersey Athletic Control Board. jon mccaffrey can alway tap.



Trolling is a bannable offence, OK KKM?



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fight the power, jon!

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ttt for one of the hardest hitters on the east coast.

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ttt for the hardest hitter....Never saw someone hit the GROUND that hard!!!! LMAO!!!


ttt for filthguy/bob carson/jon mccaffrey and his credentials as a radio broadcaster

Bob Carson should have Jon on his show to talk about his career, perhaps this would sway the NJSAC... with all the respect Bob and his legions of NJ MMA insiders have I really think this could help Jon get reinstated.

Carson Make It Happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his made me tap by his famous stinky hold afew times at bama

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