Relakks Privacy VPN

Just signed up for the Relakks Privacy VPN.

Seems to run at same speed as usual.

5 Euro a month.

You basically connect to your Internet and then conenct to the Relakks VPN.

This changes your IP number to a swedish location one so EVERYTHING you use refers to that IP number, unlike using a web proxy that only protects you while web surfing.

It's neat checking my IP then logging in then checking it again.

This hides things from your ISP as well so you can't get nabbed by the various iPolice factions.


At first I tought it was about these:

Let us know how the bittorrent speed is.

Seems close to my max.

Check it out for a month, worth it for the piece of mind.

Have you ran bittorrent yet?


Yeah it's maxing my current speed.

We just upgraded service to 5Mb/s but of course we can only max out at 2.3Mb/s.

I fucking hate ISPs they are the biggest thieves out there.

So at first my Dad was on the phone and they said yeah that is your max. And then I get on and say hey wtf is this? Now they are upgrading our profile to see if it is faster. They said we were in the 3/5 slot for the service we are paying for. Why in the fuck weren't we put in the fastest category to begin with? If we hadn't called we would be paying more for the same speed as before.

Anyways I've done a connect to relakks and not connected.

I live in the Toronto area.

Not Connected = 2300Mb/s to Toronto

Not Connected = 2000Mb/s to Sweden

Connected = 2000Mb/s to Sweden

Connected = 500Mb/s to Toronto

So you must have to accept that in fact you are "originating" from Sweden. So if you are connecting to your next door neighbour you are really going from your house to sweden then back to your neighbour, thus doubling the trip.

That being said, BitTorrents are spread between peers so it shouldn't matter that much.

Just don't be connected and jump on a US game server as your ping will be much higher than normal.

Once we get this mess sorted out with the ISP I'll let you know.

Again I like it for the peace of mind so far.

You might want to consider that they will cough up your information (the one you provided) to the authorities if the warrant is for a conviction (not a fine, e.g., RIAA/MPAA).

So your anonymity is based entirely on Relakks weighing the legality whether to cough you up or not.

Also the service hasn't reached critical mass. Its more of a marketing/publicity stunt by the Pirate Party trying to get on the ballot in Sweden. If its too good to be true ($5 for the bandwidth they are providing for you), imagine that being scaled to multiple users who want to download torrents anonymously, and you have a business model that is going to collapse.

I'm sure that I'm using all my own bandwidth, just connecting to their "VPN" and using my connect with their IP address.

It's not a bandwidth service, it's a "black hole" service.

It also gets around "packet shaping" as all packets look like encrypted vpn packets.

And please you don't think your ISP will give you up in a heartbeat?

Security issues

Service Description - RELAKKS Safe Surf
The Service consists of an encrypted VPN tunnel between your computer and RELAKKS. The IP-number you receive from your existing ISP is only used to connect your computer to RELAKKS,from there on RELAKKS substitute your existing IP-number with a new IP-number from RELAKKS. This gives you a number of advantages:

· Your existing ISP will not be able to intercept and track your applications or communication
· Your existing ISP can not limit what you can do nor limit what information you can access
· Other organizations or individuals can't intercept or track your applications or communication.

Similar services have been available on the Internet for some time, but this is the first time you can get all the advantages without any drawback.


RELAKKS is fast and you get exactly the same bandwidth as you get from your ISP today (i.e. if you have a 100 Mbps connection from your existing ISP we will do our best do deliver the same bandwidth to you when using RELAKKS). Important notice: you will not be able to get more bandwidth from RELAKKS than you have from your existing ISP today. Encryption will make your CPU work harder but it will not inflict any degradation of you bandwidth.

Notice, that in order to use RELAKKS Safe Surf you need an existing broadband connection – if you can't access Internet you can't use RELAKKS in its present form.

Encryption Technology

The VPN tunnel use 128-bits encryption (satisfying for most commercial applications like on-line banking).

For security reasons RELAKKS do not use any American software neither for encryption nor for any other part (we anticipate that most users will in spite of that use an American OS), but there is noting stopping an advanced user from accessing RELAKKS with a more secure operating system or use a specific VPN-client. Not that this is not at the moment supported by RELAKKS customer care.


RELAKKS is a company incorporated in Sweden. The service is basically a Swedish broadband subscription offered over the Internet. This means that the legal framework mainly consists of the The Electronic Communications Act 2003 389. What will this mean if:

· Swedish authorities or,
· Other organization or individuals demands access to information protected by RELAKKS?

RELAKKS Safe Surf enjoys the strongest legal protection possible under Swedish Law because of the service type (pre-paid flat-rate service). This means that RELAKKS do not have to keep an ordinary customer database (to be able handle transactions etc.). This is of importance if forced to hand over information.

If Swedish authorities can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they have a case for demanding subscription information from RELAKKS (they have to be of the opinion that if convicted the user will be imprisoned – fined not enough). .

RELAKKS then have to hand over the subscription information entered by you (but that's all). RELAKKS do not store any subscribtion information about you except what you entered yourself when signing up for the RELAKKS Safe Surf service.

For Swedish authorities to force RELAKKS to hand over "traffic data" including your RELAKKS IP at a specific point in time, they will have to prove a case with the minimum sentence of two years imprisonment.

Regarding inquires from other parties than Swedish authorities RELAKKS will never hand over any kind of information.

The combination Swedish high-tech encryption and the strongest legal protection give you true access to Internet, safer and speedier then ever before.

For more information about Swedish Telecom Law:
The Electronic Communications Act 2003:389

"I'm sure that I'm using all my own bandwidth, just connecting to their "VPN" and using my connect with their IP address."

With a VPN, you are connecting to them with an encrypted tunnel so that your ISP can't detect it, but you are using Relakks bandwidth. Think about it, how would they just encrypt the IP headers and not pass the data payload? So yes, your downloading through their service results in bandwidth they have to allocate and pay for.

"It's not a bandwidth service, it's a "black hole" service."

I'm not sure what black hole service means, but they are providing as much bandwidth as you are using to connect through them for the download (not including TCP and VPN IP overhead).

"It also gets around "packet shaping" as all packets look like encrypted vpn packets."

That is correct. It will get around traffic shapers as your protocol is being encrypted inside the payload. That's true of all encrypted traffic though, but the ISP can also have a universal QoS policy on encrypted traffic in the future if P2P users encrypt all their traffic.

"And please you don't think your ISP will give you up in a heartbeat?"

I'm pretty satisfied with my level of anonymity when I need it.

"For security reasons RELAKKS do not use any American software neither for encryption nor for any other part (we anticipate that most users will in spite of that use an American OS),"

lol, right. Because the NSA and RIAA are busy trojaning all U.S. based open-source encryption products. And there are no EU-based intelligence agencies, nor an EU Echelon.

anyone who believes in this service doesn't remember and how that got shut down. Nor the JAP proxies and what happened to them in Germany...

Well we'll see what happens then.

All I can say is that my bandwidth is the same and my IP on ALL my apps are from Sweden.

If they use their bandwidth so be it.

If they get shut down then so be it.

For now I like the price vs. the service it provides me.

Glad you enjoy the service. You can't go wrong for $5, but just take a lot of their security fluff with a grain of salt.

I've deployed more VPNs than I care to think about and its not a new concept.

I see your point. It's not the end all for net security but in my opinion it does add another layer of protection.

It's not like I download 60 gigs of movies a month but my fiancee does download torrents of korean tv shows and movies so it would be just my luck to be the one to be made an example out of.