Relaxation Techniques?


I received my Grapplers Toolbox 1.1 video a couple of days ago and I must say I am impressed with it. I am slowly practicing the techniques and working my way through it. You say that to do the movements properly we need to relax. I was wondering what do you recommend to help a person relax? After doing the movements for the first time I really found how stiff or tense I was. Do you recommend any of your other tapes that my have exercises to help me with this? What about Be Breathed? Thanks for any help you give me.



RELAXATION refers to exhalation into perceived effort, minimizing muscular exertion while maximizing movement economy, and using effective structure (for movement and breathing.)

Practice the GRAPPLERS TOOLBOX exercises under this protocol.

BE BREATHED expands the understanding of one series of exercises and how to use this protocol effectively. However, you may not need BB if you can "get" the protocol now.

Let me know how this works first, ask specific questions after you reassess. And if we can't troubleshoot the problems specifically (in specific exercises), then I'll refer additional resources.