Reliable site to buy judo videos??

Where do you guys buy your judo competition videos, such as 101 ippons, olympics,etc.....?????
What do you think of

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Seek: Actually, even if you live stateside don't go anywhere near Hatashita. I will not elaborate, but trust me. Try Ippon USA, Swain Sports or Bird's Judo Shop.

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I have had nothing but experience with

LOl I meant to say good.

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jwtjr1, what country do you live?

I live in Great Britain and have only found one English site: which is a great site but there are not that many DVD's.

Does anyone know a good site that will ship to England?

Thank you all!

Swain's site:

not hardcore training, but anyone seen the following Mike Swain videos? 1) ukemi ball, 2) medicine ball video, and 3) judo sweep and resistance bands?

when i'm not training myself, starting to help teach kids and some adults, so would like to know what people think of the content on those b4 i buy them, if i buy them

I own the medicine ball and judo sweep tapes.

They are awesome.

The judo sweep tape is great because Mike includes games that are fun for kids. Perfect for kids. The other half of the tape Swain shows exercises with jud straps.

I think the medicine ball/plyometric tape is more useful for the hardcore/serious shiai judoka. The exercises may be familiar to you on this tape but he and Eiton Gilbert (Israel coach to Zeevi) explain some of the application of the exercises to the judo muscles involved. For example, the overhead ball toss is associated with ura nage. The lunge jump with uchimata. The lunge twist with Tai otoshi. etc etc...

Hope that helps.

I have not seen the ukemi ball.