Religions using Christian time

There are a lot of religions out there, but it is generally accepted that the world uses Christian time i.e 2007AD. Can anybody shed any light on why this is? I find it odd that people with strong faith in other religions seem to accept another religion as their basis for recording time in every day life.

FYI, I'm not religious in anyway, but this intrigues none the less.

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It's the global influence of western civilisation. There are other calendars (eg. the Muslim one would give the current year as 1428 AH or some such), but since the Christian terms are so common it makes sense to use them anywhere in the world, since it enables everyone to know what you're talking about.

Granted, there are the secular versions - BCE and CE. One might even argue that these are more accurate (since Jesus was almost certainly not born in line with the countdown). However, most people in the west were brought up using BC and AD. I certainly was. And hence we see no reason to change the tradition we are accustomed to, regardless of our religious beliefs. I don't consider using 'BC' to be any more of a declaration of actual belief than saying, "By Jove!"

Interesting. I mean I'd figured the Western influence bit, but to me it kinda sounds like Christianity is presumed to be the only "real" faith by other religions. "We believe in (insert god), but everything we do is recorded against the time of Jesus who we don't worship/believe in". Just seems strange to me how this is just accepted like that (If that makes sense).

Does this bother any non-Christians on this board?
And if you are a Christian, how do you think you would feel if this was reversed, say, time was recorded against some other religion?

cause if I told you, yom shishi be'iyar you'd have no idea I was saying febuary 6th.


In Ethiopia they go by the coptic Christian calendar.

Their new year 2000 was only recently.

Well time and date is based on the movement of the sun and the earth. And seeing as religion, the bible included is more about astrology then anything else its stands to reason the mothod fits and makes good sense that dates are now recorded in this manner. However if the human race manages to progress it may be usefull to also add in a reference to the geat year into your dates.

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I think he means progress beyond religion. appologies if this is the wrong interp

Progress towards what?

Toward a world where as a speices we no longer want to kill each other for either greed, religion, colour, politics etc etc.

It would not surpirse me one bit if by the end of this century we saw a drastic decrease in world wide population.

I.E if we manage to last another 100,000 years.

Bgyuk- uh, the Bible is about astrology more than anything else? Have you read it? How about the Quran? The Gita or the Lotus Sutra? You will clearly find these texts spend less than 5 pages on astrology.


I didnt say talk, i said about. Main characters, EG Jesus are based on the move ment of the sun and the stars.

That zeitgeist film explains the astrology angle pretty well.

"First of all how do you suppose this is going to take place? If anything, humanity is getting worse in this regard, not better.  The 20th century may have been the most violent and bloody in human history.  You think Christianity, with the clear and provable notion of Original Sin is fantasy, but then you believe in something like this?"

I never said it was going to happen, i think if anything were going to end up killing each other on a grand scale. Hence the reason i said it wouldn't surprise me if we saw i drasic fall in popluation. I'm sorry though that was my fault i wasn't very clear. 

How do you prove an idea like original sin?

Don't you think there are any other explanations for this observation?

Ok, I just don't really like the term because it is loaded with suggestions for how to view this particular quality of humanity. It suggests that it is the fault of humanity somehow.

"Original sin", to me, sounds a lot more loaded with possibly irrelevant meaning than something like "human tendency to be lazy" or " failure to achieve potential".

I really would be interested to hear a more in depth explanation of what you believe on this because you refer to it a lot. PM me if you don't want to put it on the forum, I won't be rude.

"I didnt say talk, i said about. Main characters, EG Jesus are based on the move ment of the sun and the stars."

So to understand this I need to watch the zeitgeist film? Or did I get that wrong...