Religious debates?!?

“would fit every definition of God”

Like : gave moses the comandments… Sent his son to bethlehem…known as Jehova /Yahweh…is eternal, omnipotent and omnibenevolent
'cause if your not talking about that one then you’re being disingenuous.

I think he meant in a deism sort of way

Oh, we know what he meant.

It’s at best disingenuous and usually a fallacy of moving the goalposts, a problem for many Christians… Watch WLC do this with his Kalam… “there must be a creator, so Baby Jesus!”

Understand and agreed


Perhaps I should have said it would fit the definition of creator of the universe which is typically associated with God. Not necessarily Jehovah or the Christian old testament definition.

That’s funny.

Southern Baptist won’t like it

Why don’t Southern Baptists have sex standing up


People might think they are dancing