Religous Ecosystem

My freind and I were talking the other day about different religions, the pros and cons of so many, with such different "cultural and historical" window dressing but all dealing with the same thing.

Realizing that G-d loves all His creations, and that anyone who is good can get in, and that G-d stated He spoke with all nations- we realize something. G-d essentially created a religous "ecosystem". Different religions compete for people in a limited energy environment. Those that attract, keep and reproduce the most followers are the most succesful. Overly aggresive faiths will be removed while weak ones absorbed into others.

Odd thought, but it may be the case. What do you think? Have I lost it?


"Different religions compete for people in a limited energy environment."

That is what I feel about some religious leaders. They are competing to have more free workers, and the best dizimists.

Sorry.. dizimists??

Hummm... the people that pay the tenth part to the church...

Sorry, I was almost sleeping when I posted that...


Is giving 10% a standard Christian practice? I was under the impression only Jews did it.

On topic; one can see how very agressive faiths (such as the sun cult in the 1990s) self-destruct and bring down many people with it while other faiths (such as Homer's religion) don't make it off the blocks.


Not all Christians practice the tenth part, just a few of them, but donĀ“t ask me to name them.

its a fairly common christian practice to give 10% from what i understand. Its not a requirement, so much as a number with a lot of biblical support. If your poor and can't give money, thats ok too, cos you can give time.

while other faiths (such as Homer's religion) don't make it off the blocks.Explain. What do you think Homer's religious beliefs were?

IBI- Not Homer the poet, Homer J. Simpson's "new religion". I realize it isn't real but it is an excellent comment on what many people do for a short time. While I've read the Trojan War and Odesseuis (sp?) I would not begin to comment on Homer himself.