Reloading your rifle or transition to your side arm?

Love me some Uncle Paul vids

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In airsoft, when under heavy fire or when moving fast and doing speed soft, it’s customary to transition to your pistol in the event running dry with your primary weapon. But that heavily depends on your cover situation and the distance of your opponents. Pistols have a very limited range compared to a good rifle or even a carbine. But without good cover, reloading is difficult when the pellets are flying

Also, I’m not sure I trust the word of someone that drops their guns like he does

Didn’t watch the video but it all just depends. Using a pistol in a rifle fight is the worst feeling. Ask me how I know.

I have the exact same takeaway with Nerf weaponry.

Replace that sling with a proper one and no reason to throw on the ground, if behind hard cover I’m swapping, in the open I transition

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I’m not a huge fan of his although I do subscribe to his channel. He did a decent video on shooting the knife out of someone’s hand, but his experiments were highly flawed and tilted in his favor in several ways (but still demonstrated the obvious, which is a shooting a gun out of someone’s hands is preposterous). He did another one on the 1986 FBI shootout. He has a bunch of his facts wrong in that video. He’s also a little bit of a humble bragger. All I all though, his videos are worth the time if you’re interested in combat shooting.

Distance is the key factor. Pat Rogers said it used to be inside 50M to transition. Now, 25 because handgun shooting skills tend to suck for most people now.