Relson and Rickson discuss guard for MMA

I was in a discussion about the use of an open guard for mma and I remember watching a vid a long time ago where relson was trying to convince rickson about having an open guard where both feet were on the opponent’s hips and your hands cupped behind your opponent’s elbows. Something like that.

I saw this vid posted on this forum forever ago… idk if it was 10 years ago. So not easily searchable. Does anyone know what vid I’m talking about and have a reference to it? I haven’t been able to dig it up from youtube yet either.

It was a seminar in early to mid 90s in Hawaii IIRC.

I’m not a Relson BB, so JMHO…in VT,Relson advocates both open anf closed, it just depends on what’s happening…“create/fill space”, prevent or lessen being hit, do damage are all things he blended into his movements, strategy&tactics, and techniques for VT. His trapping of the arms, foot on hips etc was too maintain space, transition and kick. If it doesn’t work out , suck back in to closed and squirt out to side and heel kick attack another way, etc. There was a series of movements and attacks he would do.

All kinda stuff to hard to describe iin text

Early 90’s would have had Egan and Enson in that class. The early days.

I’m not trying to find out what his philosophy is, I’m just trying to track down a particular video link where he happened to be doing that.

Search jr’s vintage Jiu-Jitsu videos or something like that on YouTube

A post by SharkTank from a 2014 thread on this forum:

"A couple of years ago, Relson and Rickson were on the mats together at the Valente Brother’s academy in Miami. I was there on Saturday and we did mostly jiu jitsu based stuff but on Sunday, they focussed on Vale Tudo. I wasn’t there on Sunday, but a friend was and told me that they got on the mats together to discuss the effectiveness of different guards for Vale Tudo.

Here is Relson, playing the same guard as Maxwell, trying to make a point about how he likes to play guard."

rather interesting

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not sure where you got that link but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
looks like valentebros might’ve taken over graciemiami?

That was part of the quote from the 2014 thread. It goes no where but it’s the closest thing I could find regarding those two discussing the MMA guard. I tried searching for the Miami seminar from 2012 but the closest was a Valente Bros promo video of about 5 mins long with nothing of substance really.

wow! Thanks for the effort on that. Appreciate it anyways