Relson Gracie Black Belt Road Trip Seminar "Tour"

Hello BJJ Forum friends!

This is a good opportunity for mma gyms or bjj schools (regardless of affiliation) to learn some of Relson Gracie's unique and deadly system in a step by step, organized manner without having to pay travel expenses. Save on airfare!

I'll be driving from the Naples, Florida area to Atlanta, Georgia next week. My schedule is a bit tight but I can start a day or two earlier if there is interest in hosting a seminar on my way up. Possible dates that may work would be August 27th (Monday) through August 30 (Thursday). Likewise, roughly around Septemeber 14th I'll be heading back down the opposite direction.

ABOUT ME: My name is Steven Abood (Fatbuddha on these forums), and I'm a recently promoted Relson Gracie black belt who has trained directly under him for over a decade. I've also taken classes with Grandmaster Helio Gracie, Carlson Gracie, Rickson, etc. I spent 6 years as an apprentice instructor under Pedro Valente. I am a black belt in judo under Sensei Steven Alphabet and have completed the black belt throwing techniques class at the Kodokan in Japan. I've been certified as an instructor by Guru Dan Inosanto in Filipino Martial Arts (kali knife fighting etc.) and JKD.

WHAT THE SEMINAR CAN COVER: We can cover anything you like. Some of my favorite topics are defense from mount bottom, defense from side control bottom, standing self defense techniques (including gun, knife, and stick), NHB guard and inside the guard, and takedowns from the NHB clinch.

HOW TO CONTACT ME: my email is

Team Relson Gracie ALL DAY. Professor Relson is one of the best BJJ in the game.

If you're in Colorado stop by our gym You are welcome with open arms my friend. We had Rahlan do a seminar Monday night. Man there are huge things ahead for Team Relson Gracie. I am recently promote as well. Would love to meet you and I will mention to my coach if he wants to do a seminar.

thanks 303 - congrats!! I won't be in colorodo any time soon unless flown in for a seminar but would love to come one day!