WE took a large team to the SC Grappling Championships and We won the team championships. My students looked great and so did the guys from Jerry Brewer (charleston) and Phillip Kirby(NC) both Relson representitives. We won and took multiple places in the intermediate and advanced divisions and really dominated the scoring. Some of the names of the guys competing are Joe Waldrop, Chandler and Cortney Oaks, Sonny(MB), Josh(MB), Rafal Florek, Dustin Turbeville, Nissen Osterback, Kenny Jones, Ray Panuelo, and anybody else thatI cant remember. All you guys did a great job and Hopefully we can Defend the Title again next time. Thanks for the dedication and loyalty. And thank you to Mark Mills for putting on a good tournament. The rules (no points only submission) was great and the best men won by subs most of the time. Relson is very proud! Jay Dennis Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu SC


Let me know what you guys thought about the tournament. Jay Dennis Brown belt Relson Gracie jiu jitsu

Congrats to all who competed and brought home a trophy.
This was one of the better tournaments i have competed in because of the no points rule. Hell of a job guys!!!

Good job Joe. You showed a lot of balls in your matches. Keep on getting in peak condition. Congats on your trophies from me and Tita. Jay

That was first tourney in 3 years. I thought it was great. Is it going to happen more than once a year. I want a rematch with a couple of people (just being competitive!). Are they going to show results anywhere?