Rematch for Edgar

Every fight that Edgar won he had to give the guy a rematch. If Dana thought Edgar won then he should give him the same respect he showed BJ. Maynard was a draw so that's a wash.
Edgar always comes to fight. Let's get this going. Phone Post

 I think it would have been respectful to give Edgar a rematch for that very reason - he had to deal with 2 in a row.

That said, the circumstances were different. BJ beat him in the first fight and just didn't get the decision, and in the second Gray fight a lot of people thought he lost that too (though I thought he beat Maynard, or at very least earned the draw). I think this fight felt a little more definitive one way or the other, imo.

If they did the rematch I'd be cool with it, seems fair to Frankie - but I'm not gonna complain about Pettis/Henderson 2, that's gonna be balls-out.

Moron Phone Post

LOL, Dana & co. are going to pretend Edgar doesn't exist at all now at LW.