Rematch in JAPAN (alvarez/poirier)

so sick of these shit rules...

need Pride rules with Elbows... in a cage.

The new rules are much closer to what you're asking for than anything happening in Japan. Texas and some other states just need to accept them.

the ref was respecting the new unified rules actually in that fight...

problem came with that last knee...

i think knees in that particular situation should be legal... say if a fighter is on his knees, then knees to the head are legal.

they would remain illegal if a fighter is on his back, or not in that one particular position that fighters start gaming.... need to cut that out completely.

It's time to allow knees on the ground.

im cool with no soccer kicks to the head on the ground but knees should be legal.

Knees should be legal but if they are not the rule should just be if both feet are on the ground then you can be kneed in the head. All this stuff about hands and palms and fists is nonsense.

Also allow upkicks when both guys are grounded, that is the most stupid rule in the sport.

^^ agree 100% with the 2 above posts ^^

it sucks... i was just looking at the short term at what might "actually" be allowed to happen... legal knees and upkicks when both grounded are just not going to happen in the UFC sadly... anytime soon.