Rematch or Belfort next for Sonnen?

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                                Rematch or Belfort next for Sonnen?

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Going into Saturday night’s UFC 117 at Oracle Arena, the one thing that was clear was that Chael Sonnen talked the talk. A lot of people were skeptical he could walk the walk, but Sonnen came closer to winning a championship without quite doing so than perhaps any fighter in UFC history.

When the fight was first announced, nobody in the company expected big business. But UFC president Dana White was singing a different tune afterward. “It’s definitely a rematch people want to see. We can definitely do a rematch. It was awesome. I loved that Chael talked the smack he did and then went out and backed it up.”

But White was noncommittal on the idea of going to Silva-Sonnen II as soon as possible. He had previously indicated Vitor Belfort would get the next title shot, perhaps as soon as November.

Silva vs. Belfort is an interesting fight on paper. Belfort, stylistically, looks to be at least competitive with Silva, both standing and on the ground. But his title shot is based more on reputation from more than a decade ago, when he was a teenage phenom in the early days of the UFC, coupled with wins in other organizations.

Belfort, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, has actually never even won a middleweight fight in his UFC career. He’s had one win since being picked up after last year’s demise of the Affliction promotion, a first-round knockout win over Rich Franklin last year at a catch weight of 195 pounds.

But sticking with Belfort as Silva’s next opponent would put a match fans are dying to see on hold.

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I want to see Vitor ge a crack at Anderson.
If Paul Harris wins over Marquardt, have him and Sonnen fight.


Id like to see Chael fight either the winner of Bisping vs Akiyama or the winner of Leben vs. Wandy (if it happens)....


I hope it's Vitor

 No controversial decision = No immediate rematch. Give Vitor his shot.

No win here. Vitor has never even fought at 185 in the UFC. Why would you give this guy a title shot when he has never even fought at 185? Based solely on some can crushing in the early part of his career. Vitor wrecked Joe Charles and Scott Ferrozo, he will kill Anderson Silva? ORLY?

But then why does Chael deserve an immediate rematch? He got subbed and gave up in the cage? That wasn't controversial at all. Plus he also got subbed against Maia. Chael's weakness is subs, and putting him in an immediate rematch against a black belt who was at maybe 50% is not a good idea promotion wise. Better to let Chael work on his weaknesses and keep that fight in the back pocket for later.

Paul harris is a terrible fight for Sonnen. He would leglock the shit out of him.



 Vitor vs Bisping and Silva vs Sonnen II is the only thing that makes sense.

Anderson only has a few fights left, keep it moving

Sonnen gets Palhares if he wins, Bisping/Akiyama winner, or even Leben

Vitor gets his (undeserved) shot at Anderson because it was promised

its not like we are talking about a controversial decision here, Sonnen tapped and gave up

he put up an amazing fight against an incredible fighter, but got caught and lost the fight

he's still going to hover in the top of the division, he just doesnt get an immediate rematch

junkyarddogg24 -  I dont think it will be an immediate rematch but the UFC will pave roads to make it happen. I do not believe it will be immediate because:

1) The End WAS decisive

2)They want to hype it EVEN more to get more money out of it

So here is what Joe Silva will probably do...

- The first hurdle and BIGGEST one: Anderson vs Vitor. If Anderson survives then that secures his spot, naturally

- Sonnen vs Akiyama vs Bisping winner

And if Silva and Sonnen advance...

COACHES ON TUF THEN THEY FIGHT. To the UFC it makes the perfect sense. More trash talking, more hype, massive ratings for SPIKE which pads stats for when the UFC is up for renegotiating their TV deal. Huge PPV revenue and if Sonnen ACTUALLY wins again it guarantees a 3rd fight and cements the Saga as arguably the Greatest Rivalry in the MODERN ERA (2004-future)

These guys will possibly become the Ali vs Frazier, Knicks vs Bulls, Yankees vs Red Sox of MMA. Lots of money to be made here fellas.

Good plan, but Sonnen should face the Palhares/marquardt winner instead IMO....

Can't believe he hasn't been mentioned(well I can,as he's not marketed enough):

Okami getting Silva next. DFW did say it's time for him a title let's make it happen.

Considering Silva CHOKED OUT Sonnen there should not be an immediate rematch. The Champion defeated the challenger by submission. There wasn't a split decision or weird Koschek like shennanigans during the fight. If there is a rematch right away with Sonnen Silva will be getting fucked by a weird shift in the UFC fanbase, nothing more.

Belfort and Silva is a fight that is a long time coming and would be an awesome match.

BuddyRevell -  No controversial decision = No immediate rematch. Give Vitor his shot.

^I agree, Sonnen was finished. I know the choice of Vitor is very questionable but I think the reasoning behind this matchup is based off name and intriguing fight style. Its a fight I still would really like to see. It would be cool to see Vitor win 3 UFC championships in 3 different divisions.

Sonnen should face Palhares if he wins or Akiyama/Bisping. Okami should be in the mix in the title picture too.


SRTGEO -  Vitor vs Bisping and Silva vs Sonnen II is the only thing that makes sense.




chael beat the shit out of dana's p4p hypewagon. vitor will end it