Remeber that new Danger Mouse show? Well.....


Danger Mouse’s gadgets won’t be the only elements getting updated in the BBC’s recently announced revival of the 1980s animated series.

According to The Guardian, the new Danger Mouse will also feature some gender-swapped characters.

“Characters that might have been male in the past will now be female characters,” CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor said during the Children’s Media Conference.

This is part of an overall movement by the BBC to not only include more female characters, but also feature more women as hosts and narrators.

Taylor said the new Danger Mouse will feature classic elements of the original while branching out into new directions for a modern audience.

“Having seen the scripts, which are really whiz-bang, they’ve managed to retain that fantastic rather old-fashioned British humor as well as bringing something fresh,” she said

Danger Mouse will debut sometime in 2015 with a 52-episode season co-produced by FremantleMedia.

Dear Cheryl Taylor, This sounds retarded.

Whiz-bang? What decade is this person from? Phone Post 3.0

Obviously the future, Sleezy.

whiz-bang! Phone Post 3.0

Sounds more whizzer and chips than whizz bang.

It's worth noting Terry Scott, the voice of penfold, is dead.
leaves the door wide open to rewrite the true star of the series. Phone Post 3.0

The caterpillar will now be a beautiful butterfly, voiced by Fearne cotton. Phone Post 3.0