Remember Battle Masters?

ANyone play this? It was a badass combat game with the Imperial Army versus the forces of Chaos.

Really? It was kick ass. It had a huge mat like 4'x4', and a ton of minatures, of all kinds.

Yeah I remember battlemasters. Wasnt it made by the same people who do games workshop?

I think the figures were. Milton Brdley marketed it. Also HeroQuest. I still have that too.

i remember it, could game for kids too young for warhammer et al

Hero Quest was the best board game Ive ever played. I wish Milton Bradley still sold it.

I still have mine. Never played it. Did punch out all the figures and some of the tokens. My 17 y.o. nephew and his buddies had a copy in their truck last summer. I was like "You play Heroquest?" Figured he was too young.

heroquest is still made by games workshop. we play it every now and again.

really? I did not know that.