Remember, Biden bears ZERO responsibility for the disasterous fall of Afganistan to the Taliban

He said so himself last year…


Is this even real life.


Hopefully they didn’t leave the operators manual in them.


In for liberal spin.


Difficult to spin this one.

It proves he had a “fuck it” attitude all along…


He has been wrong on every foreign policy decision his entire life. But let’s be real he is making zero decisions right now.


The presumed leader of Afghanistan under the new Taliban regime was in prison until Trump let him out :rofl:


I thought the Trump administration was suppose to pull out of Afghanistan in May but Biden delayed it until September ? Either way what a shit show

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Trump Admin. began the process of hastily leaving Afghanistan.

What is happening now is a result of this. The rushed exit with leaving behind billions in military equipment was something not considered when Trump announced the exit to use as a campaign issue.

President Biden had his hands tied.

The one positive about the current administration is that they are going to rapidly process refugee applications for Afghan nationals on a larger scale due to the humanitarian crisis over there, so we will be able to get people relief.

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I know you’re a troll, but for anyone reading this drivel who may be unaware of how the world works, Biden is the fucking president and has been since January.



Trump wanted a quick pullout, but it didn’t happen because it couldn’t be done without the country immediately toppling…like we’re seeing now.

Combat troops have been out for years now. All that was left were advisors, intelligence, and air/strategic forces.

There hadn’t been a US combat death in almost 2 years, so were were there to support the Afghan army until they could build themselves up and properly support the country.

The way Biden simply cut and run was the absolute worst way a pullout could be done…


Who used Afghanistan withdrawal as a campaign issue?

Trump’s entire policy and strategy for Afghanistan was so he could talk about it at rallies.

The wheels were already in motion before Biden took office.

Again, the biggest difference between Biden and Trump is that the current president will welcome Afghan refugees into the country instead of banning them.

He may have used it as a campaign issue, but it’s one of the (several) that he didn’t complete.

He was trying to broker deals with the Taliban and Afghans to get to a “peaceful” solution, but that takes a lot of time and finesse, so it didn’t get done.

Biden didn’t seem to care at all so he just said “fuck it” and did the absolute worst thing possible…


You didn’t really contradict what I said.

You agree that Trump’s rapid withdrawal was a bad idea. So now that it is happening, you defer blame to Biden.

RE: US personnel, their presence was enough to keep The Taliban at bay. Taliban are not a death cult like ISIS. They were not going to try and overtake Kabul when it was full of American government officials.

Again, the ‘cut and run’ was a Trump strategy that was already in motion when Biden took over.

The best thing we can do right now is support the American effort to relocate Afghan refugees to America.

I think it’s pretty much been known the whole time that this would happen. The hope was that the training would be enough for Afghanis (is that how you spell it?) to fight successfully on their own. They dropped faster than OP’s panties at the bath house.

It was a disaster from the start. Whichever president pulled the the trigger on actually pulling out was going to have to wear this. That’s what makes Afghanistan a ‘forever’ war.

I can’t wait for our country to be flooded with thousands of Afghan refugees. Can we pay the taliban to keep them there rather than paying to bomb them?

No, you’re putting words in my mouth.

I think drawing out of Afghanistan was a necessary and good idea. But it needed to be done right.

Trump initially wanted to do it quickly and get out fast. He couldn’t accomplish that, so his plans dragged and timelines kept changing. Part of that is because Trump never wanted to provide a date until there was agreement with Taliban and Afghan leaders to what would be there when the US left. Otherwise you give a date and the bad guys simply wait it out.

Trump would have kept moving the timeline until he got the agreements or (more likely) he would not have been able to do a complete pull out of personnel.

Biden ignored that and simply pulled out. The bad guys waited and immediately moved in.

Biden is the president. Let’s just pretend that the Trump plan would have moved ahead as stupidly as the current Biden plan. As president BIDEN would be responsible for saying “Holy fuck, this Trump plan will be a fucking disaster and the Taliban will move right the fuck in and destabilize shit in the region. WE CAN’T DO IT THIS WAY”.

But he didn’t do that.

He cut and run.


You guys need to stop arguing, the US has caused a shitshow in Afghanistan ever since it went in there, 20 fucking years, four presidents, each as useless as the last regarding this war.

Fuck me, some of you actually think you could beat China in a war? You can’t even get rid of a ramshackle bunch of cavemen like the Taliban in 2 decades.

When you see terrorism on a scale you never imagined on home soil in 10-20 years. Remember your successive governments have caused this. Not Trump, Not Biden, the entire fucking machine running your country.

Another massive win for Russia & China against you too, it’s like your Government has spent the last decade holding up a white flag ready to surrender world leadership.

But all you otherwise good folk will just argue Trump this Biden that Obama whatever blah blah fucking blah. Get your shit together and realise they’re all the same cunt. It’s embarrassing you think you have any saviours in Government, they’re fucking up your own country and the world monumentally, all of them

Divide and conquer has never been used so obviously as in your country right now. C’mon guys, wake the fuck up, all of us with first world principles want you in charge of this planet!


If you agree how the U.S. withdrew was a mistake, do you at least support the American efforts to relocate Afghan refugees?