Remember Bird vs. Dr. J?

I remember feeling very conflicted because I grew up in Boston,
but enjoyed shattering the backboard with Dr. J. Larry Bird was
really good with the 3 pointers though. The Bird vs. Michael
Jordan game that came out later for the PC was good, but didn't
have the same magic, in my opinion.

And which forum should this be in?

hehe... lil lost bubbaray?

I'll move it to the WNBA forum.

er, NBA. Silly game.

jonwell, don't you EVAH call basketball a silly game!!!! You've been warned!!! :)

LOL@floppy warning me

LOL!!!! I know, it's ridiculous to think that it's even possible, but sure enough. lol

Lakers vs Celtics!!!!!

I remember reading about that. Wasn't Bird a rookie? And everyone was surprised at how confident, cocky Bird was to pick a fight with, at that time, the ambassador of the sport.

Shit, wish I'd seen that.

LOL!! I want a pic of that!!!!

Larry Legend, what a fuckin' competitor.