Remember Gorilla Glue Girl... Now she has her own hair care line

Would you trust someone stupid enough to put Gorilla Glue in the hair with your hair!?

Still amused by the name Tessica.


It’s like they couldn’t decide between Jessica and testicles


Might as well have some good come from it


I thought it was a mix of Tessa and Jessica. Tessa being short for Contessa. And nobody’s daughter is an actual Contessa of course lol. Might as well just name your kid Princess.


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Bitch is 40, and the media is still labeling her a girl…Grown ass Women putting Industrial Strength adhesive on her scalp…only in the black community.


Latinas also if I’m dehydrated, otherwise it’s just like mayonnaise

I want to say who in their right mind would buy hair care products from a women famous for putting glue in her hair but I bet this bitch makes a million bucks.

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LOL. only in america.

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I don’t know what the fuck you just said…but I do want to party with you.

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