Remember the good old days?

 I've seen fish post a few times here...

Anyone know what happened to Pink? He posted ALL THE TIME.

My Fish symbol messed up because I think the greater than and less than signs were being interpreted as some sort of HTML.

hahah...I remember stuff....

i miss harlot.

hell i even miss thedonbreakyourarmi and the fetal fighting monstrosity.

Whatever happened to Emcee (batman dude) who posted pics of his kick ass batman car/trollmobile.

Fetal Fighting........literally LOL'ed when I read that. Good times, good times.


Anyone here remember the AOL MAWN boards? DickRude was legendary over there. Trolled Mark Coleman Big John, Mark Tripp, Maurice Smith, etc.


 i remember the Black page with the red logo, 2000ish

might have been back then

 I remeber the snow shovel story too

Red Phillips - My post count may not look impressive, but I quit posting for a long time, and when I came back I couldn't log in. So I created a new account.

I was all over this forum in the late 90's. My screen name was truebeliever. I remember a guy named Pink, Striker18, x<. I also remember Frankiscool. There was also a guy who had a freakishly encyclopedic knowledge of MMA. Any question he knew the answer to. Can't remember his name.

Ryan G, still posts here.

"There was also a guy who had a freakishly encyclopedic knowledge of MMA. Any question he knew the answer to. Can't remember his name."

Ryan G used to be the go to guy for MMA knowledge

 prince of leglocks


given the growth of the sport and how much this forum has been an integral, imo, part of it, I think this place has been one of the best sites i've ever used on the internet since posting here wayy back.

I still remember coming on here when pride was on to get links to forums giving updates as this seemed to be, at least given how young MMA was in England) the online hub for MMA) I find it amazing when i reflect back on the athlestes that posted here, events both in the MMA world and this community.
random things i remember-

Baroni and ferguson talking smack here to get publicity,

highmount and his trolling + figthing jui-jitsu with a baby

machine may

the fake (or was it?) igor vovchanchin

the rickson vs threads would not stop

ken sham vs hallman

helio diaries

predator and jordan lynch is gay

Lee Murray's legend being created in July 2002.

members & fighters passing away (i think not too long after i joined Caldog (was that his handle?) passed away. remember when Rockson died and Shelbygirl.

I remmeber speaking with Lynn from Renzo's who introduced me to Renzo when I was 17 and travelled to NYC- he helped arrange the academy visit for me.

I hated being unable to attend UFC 38 in London and from mentioning it on this site to getting Ian Freeman contacting me to buy it for one of his mates. Ian was THE MAN in England for MMA at the time and just goes to show how big this (and SFUK for us Brits) place was cos without here i would never had chance to speak with him.

As much as its a piece of shit on here at times, i still post and probably will for many more years to come.

"I can't believe there was 51,000 members in 2000. How many are there now? "

multiple screennames for trolling purposes.

Nuckin Futs - I can't believe there was 51,000 members in 2000. How many are there now?

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    Domingo - 
    ironheartcrown - Does anybody remember the guy with the middle eastern name (rami or something?) who tried to ruin mousel's forum by repeatedly posting ridiculous stuff every 20 seconds or so?  You had to scroll down and down and down before you could even find a relevant thread!  That forum didn't have any security features like this one does.  It was super annoying but some of the stuff he posted was hilarious at the same time.  That was Circa 1997.

    You're thinking of Vij Pawar of course :) He makes the trolls of today or even KKM seem amatuerish.

    Mousel's was a lot of fun, but you REALLY had to be careful before they started moderating it. There were some crazy things posted there.

    Anyway, Mousel's and the NHB Mailing List were old school. The, UG, and Sherdog boards are all more recent than you might think.
    OKAY: Here is the definitive "OLD SCHOOL"

    Before any of the message boards or websites, there was the text based newsgroup... cant even remember the name but I think it was rec.martialarts  don't even remember how I used to get on there but it was not on the "web" as it is today, and there were no pictures and there was no MMA. 

    The BJJ or "GJJ" guys (as they were called at the time) were frequently ridiculed by the karate guys etc. 

    Back then (It was called GRACIE jiu-jitsu years before the term BRAZILIAN jiu-jitsu became common.

    Right now I am back to about 1995.  I didn't even own a computer and I didn't know anyone who had internet access outside of school or work.  If they did it was like a 14.4kbs dial-up.  Didn't matter much, because there wasn't much to do on the internet back then anyway.

    There.  You kids no nothing about that.   ;-)


    My screenname on mousels's was TRACEYKARATE.

     i always posted as Kirik

    ^^^ lol sure you did noob