Remember the marine that saved the day with a CCW?

the story, set forth in the Georgia Supreme Court opinion (some paragraph breaks added). (Note one error: Barner was, in fact, a Marine, not a former Marine, at the time of the events.)

On the night of May 2-3, 2009, Terrion Key and Charles Bailey hosted a party for a group of about a dozen friends at their apartment in College Park. Around 3:00 a.m., [Jarmal Hill] and [Calvin] Lavant, who lived in the same apartment complex, entered the apartment through an open sliding glass door. [Hill] was armed with a black handgun and Lavant had a silver revolver; both men were dressed in black clothes and wore caps along with bandanas covering their noses and mouths.

[Hill] and Lavant ordered everyone in the apartment to lie on the floor and took their wallets, cell phones, and other valuables. Two former United States Marines, Sean Barner and James Adams, were attending the party but had gone outside briefly a few minutes before the home invasion; when they returned, they too were ordered at gunpoint to lie on the floor, and [Hill] and Lavant took their cell phones, a wallet, and an iPod.

[Hill] and Lavant ransacked the apartment for other items of value, and then decided to separate their male and female prisoners. The men were forced at gunpoint to go into the back bedroom and lie on the floor there, and two of the female guests were forced into the other bedroom, while the other two female guests remained in the living room.

Lavant said to [Hill], “we are about to have sex with these girls, then we are going to kill them all.” Barner heard [Hill] and Lavant discussing condoms and the number of bullets in their guns, and he decided that he needed to act. He had brought his book bag to the party, with his pistol in it, and, fortuitously, the bag was behind the bed in the bedroom where he was lying.

Barner took out his gun, stood up, and walked down the hallway into the living room with Adams following closely behind him. Barner saw [Hill] standing by the front door of the apartment looking out and opened fire on [Hill], who ran out the sliding glass door.

Barner then rushed back to the bedroom where Lavant was holding two of the women, shouted for everyone to get down, and broke down the door with his shoulder. Lavant had ordered the two women to bend over the bed, pulled one of the women’s underwear aside, and placed a condom over his penis.

When Barner crashed into the room, Lavant started shooting at him. Barner fired back at Lavant, who fled through a window. Lavant was shot in the face and thigh, and one of the women in the room was hit in the arm and both legs, but she survived.

Just think how helpless literally every other person there was with no weapon.

Good story! I never heard it before.  Shame he didn't kill both those men. 

He should have waited until they were done raping those women--hey at least they would have used condoms--and then politely asked that their lives be spared. I am sure once the perps had been sexually satisfied, they wouldn't have been as angry and wouldn't have killed anyone.

Why was this case being heard in the Supreme Court of Ga? Sounds like a story that should end with Barner receiving a medal Phone Post 3.0

Barbasol - Why was this case being heard in the Supreme Court of Ga? Sounds like a story that should end with Barner receiving a medal Phone Post 3.0

Oh sorry, I left that part out because it is a complicated legal issue that I thought most would find boring.

One of the two thugs got killed by the marine. They charged the surviving thug with his buddy's death under the felony murder rule. GA had to decide whether they were an agency doctrine or proximate cause doctrine state for purposes of the felony rule--basically the difference being you can't be convicted of murdering your accomplice that is killed by someone else (cop, civilian, etc.) during the commission of the felony. Good news: they went the proximate cause route and fucker is guilty of felony murder.

And Barner did receive several medals.

Sorry above that should read you can't be convicted for your accomplice's death... in an agency doctrine state.

Much better writeup if you are interested in such things:

Big_Data - 
Information - That Rambo wannabe could have got someone killed!

This isn't James Bond, Fake Pie!!

The funny thing is there are plenty of examples of people having stopped mass killings with guns. It takes a simple google search time find them.

Just unfriended some chick on facebook for posting a meme after the recent Oregon shooting that said, "We need gun control! You aren't John Wayne!"

Se my thread titled:

Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings?

for a partial list.

VU and thanks for the story. Phone Post 3.0