remember those wierd Diego pics?

They were just dancing...

It attracts women I guess.






dry humps trash can

I do that sometimes. Like when i see a lambo in the parking lot, i'll hump it. Or like the 15k tv my friend bought, i just don't understand their low standards. they must be poor?

someone go tell their moms theyre gangbanging inanimate objects and posting it on the internet.

Bwahahahahahaha! There were so many of them!

lol. i just read an article at work about George Clinton.

in one section he asks the question "have you ever considered the feelings of inanimate objects when you have sex with them?".

washes eyes clean of gayness

what is happening in that pic? admittedly, i've been out of touch with
black culture for a while now. i didn't understand that

The wierd thing is...once you start watching you have to see what happens next.

It is like when the midgets climb out of the circus car, they just keep coming.