Remember when...


From the Wrestling Observer:

UFC 117 is trending just slightly under the Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans show, which did about 1 million buys.


 but did 600,000

So what did UFC 121 do?

Dave Meltzer reports in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required).

The earliest PPV numbers, which this early in the game is at best a rough estimate, is slightly more than 1 million


The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weeklyis now saying that the latest numbers are looking much lower than the 1,000,000 they last reported:

UFC staff was told early last week that the UFC 117 numbers were looking to be just under 600,000 buys, significantly down from fight night expectations. I had actually predicted 550,000, though when the show was over the feeling I had was that it was an easy 1 million buys show. It should be noted that our trending numbers plus sources outside UFC are tracking it closer to 1 million. Part of the issue is that there are wide variations throughout the country with some systems showing huge numbers and other systems showing much smaller numbers. It'll be several weeks before we get what we can really call a solid number.