Remember when...

Ronda was unbeatable.

Conor/anderson/gsp/fedor/ronda was Goat.

Everyone could afford the good peds.

Trt made grand dads perform like 25yrs old.

There was no snow in vegas.

Tuf was good(me neither actually )

What ya got undergound? Phone Post 3.0

Reem had traps. Phone Post 3.0

back when cheap test flowed like the river ganges

Shamrock was the worlds most dangerous man.

Tito Ortiz won 5 fights in a row.

The challenger didn't have to beat the champion (ex champion) twice to be considered the new champion.

Velasquez fought more than once every 2 years. Phone Post 3.0

Dana white was built like a fighter...... Phone Post 3.0

Conor goat?? No i don't remember. Phone Post 3.0

Dana said do you wanna be a fuckin fighter

Dana said Dan hardys stand up was perfect

Dana said he'd make it up to the fans

Dana said conor does everything he says

Dana said minds would be blown Phone Post 3.0

Boxers were telling us James Toney would easily Ko randy in an Mma fight

Big country wasn't welcome in the ufc and would have to go through tuf

Bj was saying gsp greased

Fedor will fight for the ufc title if they copromote with m1 global

Strikeforce will overtake the ufc

Affliction will overtake the ufc Phone Post 3.0

Remember when STRIKEFORCE was getting legit as fuck, without the need for freak shows? Phone Post 3.0

Frank "Lucifer" Mir was a UFC champion.

Renan "The Baron" Pegado had the longest active win streak in UFC.

Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch was considered a LEGIT title contender.

WEC Brittany

I remember shoes and bare hands. Phone Post 3.0

When we had to sit through boring GSP fights. Phone Post 3.0