Reminded me ofFranklin/Shamrock

This fight reminded me of the fight against Rich Franklin. I just watched the Shamrock/Franklin fight again. Why doesn't Ken defend himself if he is not hurt??? Against Franklin he goes for a kick and falls on his ass and just lets Franklin walk over and pummel him with big shots he puts up one hand to cover, no scramble, no up kicks. I remember Rich even saying I thought he would have covered up more then he did. Against Tito he had no defense at all for those elbows so Herb jumped in you can't fault Herb, fault Ken. Ken is 1-5 in last 6 fights he should retire. He deserves respect for what he has done but his time is over, he shouldn't be the co main event for the UFC. My thoughts anyway. 2point

It should also remind you of the Sakuraba-Shamrock fight. Seeing a pattern here?

Yeah it would be hard to defend yourself with your head hanging through the ropes, in the Sakurabu fight