Reminder for the OG about Khabib/Dustin fight

Event is from Abu Dabhi, so the main card is at 2PM Eastern, instead of the usual 10PM start time.


In case you 10 inchers didn't know.

Didn't know about the time - much thanks. What website or streaming service should I not use if I wanted to watch the fights? I think its imperative some of these sites be posted in order to let the OG know what sites to avoid..

What started this in fight in the first place? Can't they talk this out?

Who you calling a 10 incher!? I thought the requirement to start an account here was 13" plus!?



Also, on a way more serious note, GIVE THIS MAN HIS FUCKING GOLD NAME NOW!

Who?  GSP on the card?  The Iceman at least? 


Wait. I thought this was the OG. Not the ug. Anyway khabib is going to ass rape Dustin.