Remote Access Tools/Hacks

What tools or URLs should I study so that I can view, then write to remote PCs?

I live in the CA Bay Area but we have houses in Napa and Portland, OR. Given that I have Admin rights to all the PCs, what tools are available that will allow me to look at my remote files without having to install the usual remote access software?

Are there tools that are browser-based so that even a monkey will find it simple? :-) Thanks.

RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol, is built into Win 2000 and Win XP.

you can use it via Remote Desktop.

RDP server is in W2k server, but not W2k pro.

rfquinn used something else , can't remember what it is right now.

Remote Administrator -

It's not free, but it works very well. Version 3 is due out in the next few months. It's a free upgrade if you purchase 2.2.