Remove paint scrapings?

Got the house, barn and garage painted and there's paint clippings on the lawn, gravel etc. I don't have a industrial vacuum. Any ideas how to clean up? 

Leaf blower or mow them?

Do you have children? If yes follow steps below. 


1. Drag their ass out of bed

2. Make them clean it up while your wife sucks you off for painting the house

thedogofdogs -

Leaf blower or mow them?

I have most equipment aside from a leaf blower and industrial vacuum. I'm open to any McGyver type ideas. 


I cant mow them since most of the scrapings are on the gravel perimeter around the houses. Will destroy my mower. 

Pablo Duke -

...the Hell is a paint clipping? 

I painted houses all though high school and college and never once encountered a "clipping" of paint. 

But I'm all for the blow job from wife while kids clean it up idea. 

When you scrape off the old paint it comes off like flakes, clippings, scrapings, not sure what they're actually called.