Removing Face Tattoo

Video sucks, no after video or photo.


“It seemed like a good idea at the time, how was I supposed to know?”


Tattoo removal feels like hot grease hitting your skin.

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More or less painful than the tattoo originally?

Seems like the removal is a lot faster.

its painful. I work for bishop tattoo and we had a deal with a removal place as they were training nurses or pa’s on how to run the machine (you have to be one or the other in california you cant just get a cert and do it like other states) anyways it was $100 flat for as long as you could last. most peoples didn’t last for anything close to an hr. I was told.

I feel like that is fair. Just, even.

It fucking hurts. It’s like frying chicken and having the grease splatter on your skin repeatedly.

I had tattoo removal on inner forearms and top of right hand. At the 1st place I went to they injected me to make it numb when it happened. At the new place they just place an icepack for 15 minutes and let it rip.

I have seen people get it in more sensitive spots like neck, face, ears etc. I can’t imagine the pain.

Also the laser works best on black ink and light skin people. They have to adjust it because the laser breaks up the ink and your immune system removes it.

The FDA doesn’t regulate tatttoo ink so depending on the manufacturer depends on what is in it as far as metals. I still have traces of red ink on my arm.

In the summer my skin becomes to dark from being outside to get the laser done so I have to wait until the fall/winter.

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Want your face tattoo removed?
Go down to mexico, get involved in the drug trade, wait…
Sooner or later your face tattoo will be removed.

Does the pain linger for a while, or just like the initial splash of grease?

I am just curious by the way I dont have any tattoos

If the laser is too high your skin can blister. Your skin will get inflammed and swollen but will go down in about 24 hours.

My 1st few treatments my skin blistered so they dialed back on the laser. I was told not to do any exercise, sauna, or anything that would involved too much sweat, etc to let the skin heal. My dumbass went to bjj that night and when I took my gi and rashuguard off I had spots of skin missing.

This will be popular because many people get tatts of peoples faces.

The truth is that there is a multi million dollar market for semi permanent tattoos.

If a company can manufacture an ink and laser in conjunction with one another that can be removed in 1 session than people would be more willing to get them.

One of my initial tattoo removal doctors was working on this about 14 years ago. He was a dermatoligist and did tattoo removal on the side.

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Supposedly they have this ink out already.

I will get more info and post.

The tattoo process can scar the skin, and when the ink is removed, it looks like some kind of skin disorder.

Tattoos are for fags

Dare you to say it to this guy when you cross him in a dark alley

I had this laser on the soles of my feet. How bout that pain…

There actually are tattoos now that gradually fade away over the course of a year to 15 months.

It is marked to women, and is limited to fine line B/G style (“Pinterest tattoos”). Basically the shit college chicks get anyway.

I think this has a lot of potential to catch on with the 18-25 yr old crowd. It gives you the freedom to be impulsive with tattoos and not have regrets later on.

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