Removing shin in bicep

Let's say that you are in someone's guard and he grabs your wrist and with the same side leg he pushes your bicep back with his shin and puts that leg on your hip.

For example, he grabs your left wrist with his right hand, puts his right foot on your left hip and pushes your left bicep back with his right shin.

How do you get out of this type of guard control?

don't get in it

Grab the bottom of his pant leg with your opposite arm and begin to pass.


Any more suggestions?

Does he have control of your other sleeve at the same time?

Here's some thoughts depending on the situation: No need to critique these suggestions. I don't have a clue what will work best for you. They are just ideas.

Hip in and drive your left knee into his right hip. Use the leverage to turn him and pass.

Twist your right hip back and bring his foot on accross. Then pass.

Roll him up and put your right knee in his lower back,
lower your hip forward and control his right leg with your left knee driving into the outside of his thigh.

Lift his left leg and pass on that side crunching him at the same time or taking his back if he continues to hold on and rolls.

If his arm is outside his leg, step to your right and use your left knee to remove his foot from your left hip.

grabs his oants with the hand/arm being controled. walk your fingers up the outside of his leg. grab on his pants and hold every few inches. stopping when you grab hold. then walk fingers up again. when you reach his knee, grab inside his knee and bring your elbows inside his legs.

if he only controls one side, stand, make a backward semi-circle step so your facing away from him, but right next to him. put your knee on his stomache, facing away from him (other knee than your used to) - then switch to correct knee on stomache