Renan Barao: 'Best record in all of MMA'

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                                Renan Barao: 'Best record in all of MMA'

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                    <p>The UFC's&nbsp; media notes on Renan Barao say it all in nine words.&nbsp; &quot;Has best record, on paper, in all of MMA.&quot;</p>

After losing his first pro fight, Barao went on to win 28 straight, most lately going 2-0 in the WEC, and then with a unanimous decision win over Scott Jorgensen last night, going now 3-0 in the UFC.

The 24-year-old Brazilian is on nearly every top 10 Bantamweights list, but has yet to catch the attention of casual MMA fans in the USA.

"He's got an incredible streak going," White said at the post fight press conference. "He's the buzz right now in Brazil. Everybody's buzzing about that guy. We'll see what happens."

"In Brazil, he's not flying under the radar. In Brazil, everybody's buzzing about that guy."

So what does the white hot Brazilian want to do? He wants to wait for the winner of champion Dominick Cruz vs. challenger Uirjah Faber, who will meet this summer in the finale of TUF 15, in whch each are opposing coaches.

"The title is my goal," Barao said. "I train every day, and I'm ready for it."

"The objective is to fight for the belt, whoever it is – Dominick Cruz or whoever stands in line. I'm here for it."

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He's 5-0 in the big leagues now so the fututre is bright for Renan.